Solar water heaters are an environmentally sound way to reduce energy costs and increase the value of your home. Learn how you can benefit by harnessing free sunlight.

Compare Solar Hot Water to Solar Photovoltaics
Did you know that Solar Hot Water (solar thermal) is much more affordable than solar electric (also known as solar photovoltaics or PV)?
Here are some things to consider about the Smart Solar Hot Water system:

  • Smart Solar looks like a skylight and uses much less roof space, which means you add to the beauty of your home while saving energy
  • Smart Solar has much lower installation costs, which means it’s an affordable solution for many homeowners
  • Smart Solar may be installed as quickly as one day, which means you can quickly benefit from renewable energy without an extended interruption in your lifestyle.

Solar water heating is simple: the free and renewable energy the sun offers heats your household water. Solar thermal water heating can be used for water heating, space heating, and pool heating. Harnessing this free solar energy will deliver summertime savings of 85% and winter savings of 35% for a year-round savings of up to 60% on your utility hot water heating bill!